Manual Handling Assessments


What is Manual Handling Risk Assessment?

The majority of occupations involve some form of manual handling. Manual handling holds many risks the main being the increased risk of injury due to wear and tear on the back. Back injuries can be painful and reduce one’s mobility. These injuries may lead to absences from work due to injury.

Legal requirements:

In chapter 4, section 2 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations, 2007 itstates wherever the need for manual handling of loads by the employer’s employees cannot be avoided, organise workstations in such a way as to make such handling as safe and healthy as possible.

Contents of this Consultancy:

  • A detailed analysis of the work area
  • An analysis of current work being implemented 
  • A review of the specific manual handling tasks carried out in the workplace, including weight of loads and frequency of the tasks
  • Assessment of the environment including lighting and temperature
  • A review of the training received by those carrying out the manual handling tasks
  • Recommendations