Fire Risk Assessment


What is Fire Safety Risk Assessment?

Our consultant will visit your premises to examine the premises and the existing fire safety arrangements. The consultant will complete a fire safety risk assessment report. This report will include a prioritised action plan designed specifically for your company.

Legal requirements:

This is essential under section 19 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. This act requires employers to identify the hazards in the place of work, assess the risks presented by those hazards and be in possession of a written risk assessment.

Contents of this Consultancy:

  • Review emergency lighting, fire alarm and fire fighting equipment
  • Review of safety documentation
  • Identify the fire hazards in your workplace
  • Emergency escape plan
  • Highlight non-compliance with building regulations or fire safety legislation
  • Highlight where fire training is required to ensure compliance 
  • Completion of a fire safety report
  • Fire fighting equipment