ADR Basic



Course Background:

This course is essential for drivers transporting dangerous goods in packages, drums or IBC’s in vans, curtain side trucks, HGV’s, box vans or freight containers. Under HSA legislation, drivers must complete this course to legally transport dangerous goods in any of the vehicles mentioned.

Course Content:

  • Environmental protection
  • Correct tunnel procedure
  • Dangerous goods regulation
  • Dangerous wastes
  • Emergencies and fires
  • Loading, stowage and unloading
  • Application of regulations
  • Approval of packaging
  • Markings, packaging and packages
  • IMDG code marking
  • Accidental escape
  • Containment
  • Secondary hazards
  • Reactive nature of chemicals
  • Physical properties of loads
  • Ignition sources and dangers
  • Technical terms

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have gained the skills and knowledge needed to safely transport dangerous chemicals in packages, drums or IBC’s in vans, curtain side trucks, HGV’s, box vans or freight containers.

This Course is Designed For:

Drivers of vehicles that transport hazardous and require a knowledge of chemicals and their hazards

Training Methodology:

This course is classroom based and it is highly interactive with role-playing playing and practical exercises to reinforce the participants understanding and learning.

What to Bring to the Course:

There are no requirements for this course.

Duration of the Course:

3 days


A maximum of 10 per course


Following completion of the ADR Course (and a minimum of a 2 week interval), you will be examined by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. Upon successful completion of this exam participants will receive a hazardous goods ADR basic certificate.

Please Note:

Samson Training provide ADR training in conjunction with the Irish School of Motoring, the trainer is John Lennon, who is listed as a HSA approved trainer.


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