VDU Assessors Course


Course Background:

This course is essential for all personnel responsible for VDU assessments in their workplace. In order to complete these assessments they must have reached a certain level of competence. This course will equip them with the relevant knowledge and skills needed to complete these assessments.

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • Ergonomics and anthropometrics
  • An introduction to the relationships between the individual, the task, the environment and the work equipment
  • Legal requirements
  • Discussion on Irish and European legislation pertaining to VDU
  • Perceived and real hazards of VDU work
  • Controversial topics ranging from alleged reproductive hazards to radioactive emissions, which have been associated with VDU, will be addressed. Recent studies and their results will also be examined
  • Principles and aims of assessment
  • Assessment techniques

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the requirements of the General Application Regulations 2007
  • Understanding the factors that constitute an assessment
  • Understanding ergonomic factors and VDU workstation layout
  • Appreciating the postural implications of VDU workstations
  • The knowledge to carry out VDU workstation assessments and advise operators

This Course is Designed For:

All managers, supervisors or office personnel responsible for VDU operations and workstations.

Training Methodology:

Classroom based and where possible practical demonstration to reinforce learning.

What to bring along to the Course:

There are no requirements for this course.

Duration of the Course:

1 day.


A maximum of 16 per course.


On completion of this course, participants receive a certification of training completion.

Upcoming Courses:

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