Occupational First Aid Instructor




To become an occupational first aid instructor you will need to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Occupational First Aid FETAC level 5 or Occupational First Aid Refresher

Step 2: Cardiac First Responder Instructor Course

Step 3: Monitoring days

Step 4: OFAAA assessment


The Pre-hospital Emergency Care Council require monitoring days.

These will take place in the same location as the Cardiac First Responder training course.

The first one is where you would assist with the delivery of a PHECC ½ day CFR course.

And the second one is where you would deliver the same course by yourself under the supervision of our instructors.

If a participant was not up to the required competency to deliver the course there would be a third monitoring day, however this is not usually needed.

This is a requirement of all trainers and training companies delivering this course,

Failure to provide the monitoring days can lead to PHECC revoking a participants cert.


If you want to proceed to the OFAAA assessment before the monitoring days, you can do so.

We will provide you with a letter to provide OFAAA to advise them your CFR instructor cert is being processed.


Details regarding the OFAAA assessment, including cost, are available on the OFAAA website www.OFAAA.ie